Rotterdam – city

If you hear of a city that is internationally known as ‘the gateway to Europe’, the only possible answer is Rotterdam! The young, dynamic metropolis is part of Europe’s greatest maritime cluster, but also plays an important part on a global level in other strong economic sectors. Rotterdam is literally connected with the rest of the world, thanks to the strategic position of the city. Nevertheless, Rotterdam has a compact city centre with various venues for events, multiple hotels and numerous restaurants. This results in a wide variety of possibilities for different kind of leisure activities, conferences and networking.


Rotterdam has something to offer for everyone, but is especially fun for those who are interested in modern architecture, ports and art in all possible forms. You get the unadulterated Rotterdam humor of the local people for free. For Feyenoord fans there is also the possibility to take a tour of De Kuip.

Rotterdam is an important port city located in the Dutch province of South Holland. In terms of inhabitants, Rotterdam has been the second largest city in the Netherlands for many years. In addition to being a port city, Rotterdam also has an important regional function in the field of shopping, culture, education and work. In recent years, Rotterdam has developed enormously in the field of tourism. An important element in this is emphasizing the unique character instead of naming what Rotterdam does not have. The lack of medieval streets and buildings is more than compensated by beautiful examples of modern architecture, excellent restaurants, pleasant hotels and fun attractions.